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2800 EUR

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Workspaces, public interiors and restaurants need OPEN TABLES.

Our OPEN TABLE offers plenty of legroom from all sides. It is a universal base for all kinds of tabletops, it can be electrified, added up with acoustic panels, but most importantly: it can be manufactured to perfectly fit your demands. A standard configuration comes in the suitable size of 320 x 120 cm and with a linoleum desktop in a beautiful color range.

320 x 120 x 75 cm

Made of powder-coated steel and linoleum.

RAL Colors base: grey blue, telegram, anthracite grey, papyrus white

Colors linoleum top: corn flower, mushroom, charcoal, conifer, pewter

Design by 45 KILO. Made in Germany.

Online price only valid for standard configuration without Add-Ons. Please send individual inquiries to order@mykilos.de.

Defining new classics.

MYKILOS unique style combines iconic qualities of the past with the fresh spirit of our present. We believe that good design intuitively reacts to the dynamics of the contemporary, maintaining values of a high standard
The rational seriousness with that gentle touch is our way to express German quality and Berlin creativity.

MYKILOS vision is to connect with- and between people who share the same excitement and belief on what we do - contemporary designs which reflect generosity, simplicity, and honesty. We believe that positive thinking can connect the dots and bring people together.


Established in Berlin, rooted in the Bauhaus.

MYKILOS is a design label founded by Daniel Klapsing and Philipp Schöpfer, has gained its expertise in furniture design which later expanded into bigger projects. Being experts in designing kitchen and furniture, naturally led to designing interiors in a wider sense.

Today, the Berlin-based label is a design ‚hub‘ for kitchens, furniture and accessories, with the focus on the kitchen as the main room. MYKILOS incorporates its own design bureau - ‘MYKILOS Projects’ which designs kitchens, realizes interior projects for corporate/private, and fully furnishes living spaces. Whereas most of the products are designed by the label itself, MYKILOS collaborates with designers on product development or bigger scale design projects. 

For more information MYKILOS Project and all interior/kitchen projects please visit mykilosprojects.com


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People currently working at MYKILOS

Clara Felsner, Ina Schönack, Tal Engel, Daniel Klapsing, Philipp Schöpfer


Former employees

Marie Stein ,Jennifer Witulla, Felix Volmari, Milou Bergs, Miriam Harig, Deni Pavicic, Coco Sandtner, Thomas Pieper, Michael Sellack, Simon Diener, Anneli Anglas Rodriguez, Nikolaus Bartke, Andreas Berschauer, Konrad Bialowas, Julian Bühler, Marie Dietz, Tal Engel, Lisa Ertel, Johanna Gauder, Ilja Huber, Lea Kaufmann, Pawel Koltonski, Anni Leo, Maria Neumann, Johanna Niehaus, Hanne Platteeuw, Jakob Ruhe, Marta Suslow, Diana Artemis Tsantekidou, Jieun Yoo