We design custom kitchens tailored to the individual needs of both residential and commercial clients. Our experienced design team in Berlin and Hamburg works closely with you every step of the way, from conception and design to budget planning, construction, material selection, appliance choices, and final realization.

Conceptualization, planning, assembly, utilization. The journey to your project, step by step.

We look forward to hearing from you via phone or email! We'll schedule an initial meeting and briefly discuss the project and its key points over the phone.

During the initial meeting as well as subsequent appointments, we provide comprehensive advice in the areas of kitchen, bathroom, interior design, and beyond. Together, we'll find solutions for your particular project and create a concept for its implementation.

Our team of designers develops drafts, mood boards, drawings, and visualiziations of your individual project. We present and finalize the implementation plan together with you in several steps.

Together with our carpentry workshops, we create production drawings and organize and coordinate the entire production, delivery, and installation until your project is completed. With a pool of skilled craftsmen, we are here to support you every step of the way.




We work closely with our favorite carpentry shops. From on-site measurements to production drawings for manufacturing and installation at your location, we maintain direct communication with you and the carpenter, paying attention to every detail.


Also the stone dealers and stonemasons we trust are local businesses, as we highly value direct communication and personal contact. For example, you can choose natural stone countertops not only based on a sample in our studio, but directly from the stonemason to ensure that you get exactly the countertop you desire.


Carpenters and installers work together as a team, ensuring that technically and craftily skilled professionals install your kitchen. Our stonemasons also have their own installers, and they are experts in transporting sensitive pieces to your location, using methods ranging from manual transport to freight elevators and heavy-duty cranes.

Electrical & plumbing

For both preparatory measures and the installation of appliances and elements, we have a selection of tradesmen on hand, allowing us to offer you a complete package until the kitchen project is completed and you can inaugurate the kitchen!


Visit us at one of our showrooms and be inspired.
Together, we will put your plans into action.